Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Top Down Sweaters - Whatever Wednesday #1

By Vicky Nardone

Whatever Wednesdays are just going to be a random craft, recipe, tutorial or thought.  I'm going to try and stay away from Scrapbooking and Smoothies since those are what I talk about on Mondays and Saturdays. 

For this week's Whatever Wednesday I would like to share with you a knitting book that I really love.  I was not paid to review this book - I actually bought it on my own from Amazon.  I decided I wanted to try knitting bigger things like sweaters and I actually had a hard time finding any books with styles that I really liked.  If anyone has recommendations I love new pattern books.  Anyway, I put this on my Amazon Wishlist and my dad bought it for me for Christmas two years ago and had it sent to my house but somehow it never arrived even though it said delivered when he looked it up.  I didn't find out until weeks later when he was asking me how I liked it that he had bought it for me and by then I had already ordered it myself with a gift card I had gotten for Christmas.

Monday, April 28, 2014

Memory Monday's #1 - Paper Scraping

By Vicky Nardone

Hello everyone! I know I've been missing in action for a while but I'm trying to get back into the world of blogging.  I've been thinking of how I want to change things for the past couple of weeks so I could keep up with them and I tink I've finally made some decisions.  The format I've decided to follow is Memory Mondays - posting a scrapbooking layout, technique or tip, Whatever Wednesday - this may take me a couple weeks to get going on but it will be a miscellaneous recipe, craft or thought and Smoothie Saturdays - Matt and I have become obsessed with smoothies lately and I'm going to share our favorite recipes with you.

Sunday, April 27, 2014

Homemade Macaroni and Cheese

By Vicky Nardone

Today's post is on one of the world's great comfort foods - macaroni and cheese.  I made two pans of this when I was doing kraft services for the film my husband was working on this past weekend.  I learned this recipe from my roommate Alicia in college and it's been my go to mac and cheese recipe since then.  I know a lot of people have their own mac and cheese recipe but if you don't, here's one for you.  This recipe can be made on the stove or in the microwave.  I'm putting the microwave version below, because the only difference on the stove is that you just don't need to take it in and out of the microwave and stir at various intervals.