Saturday, May 18, 2013

Our Geeky Sci-Fi Sunflower Wedding Part 3

By Vicky Nardone

What do you get when you combine two geeky people in love who are all about a good time with their family and friends? Our epic geeky, sci-fi, sunflower wedding.  See what I did there?  I added the word epic.  This post is focusing on the reception.  If you missed the pre-wedding events you can click here and if you missed the ceremony, you can click here.
Matt and I were very sure that we wanted our reception to be a huge party with all the people we cared most about dancing, laughing and having a good time.  Once the posed pictures were done, we headed back inside to be introduced for the first time as husband and wife.  Our friend +Bryan Patrick Stoyle  came to the rescue again and loaned us some of his collectable light sabres so that we could enter in style.
Matt's pumping up the crowd with his Sonic Screwdriver (another Dr. Who thing).  His friend Justin (more on him later) loaned it to him for the day to go with his outfit.

We really wanted a topsy turvy cake and I wanted sunflowers all over it.  We only found one lady who could do it and she was about 40 minutes away from our venue.  She agreed to make it for us though and it turned out beautifully.  We almost didn't have a cake a week before the wedding because her husband who does the deliveries got really confused on where our venue was, but that's a different story.  And the flavor combination - we couldn't do plain old boring chocolate or vanilla.  The flavor was orange cake with raspberry filling.  And it was pretty darn good too.  Not only could this woman decorate a cake but it was the best we had tasted out of anyone we had tried.

Our centerpieces were candy dishes so that everyone could get a sugar high and make sure to do a lot of dancing later.
We actually had individual baggies for everyone but the leftovers were collected in the giant martini glass above.  We found these at Michaels and I thought they were so cool.
My mom also decided for the favors she wanted to get every one flashlights for the after party (more to come on that).  They were really cute - they were blue to match our colors and they had our names and a bowtie (Dr. Who again) on them.  The kids loved playing with these all night.  I hand made each of the name tags.  I used my cricut to cut out 120 sunflowers and then glued all the pieces together.  Yep, that was a fun day.  I was really happy with how they turned out though.

I also made coloring and activity books for each of the kids that attended our wedding.

We also did a memory table.  Matt's friends had made him a poster board of pictures of them growing up and given it to him at the rehearsal dinner (the blue poster).  Plus our baby picture poster that my aunt had made me at the shower was there.  We also had pictures of all the important people in our lives who had died so they would still be with us in spirit.  Not pictured, I had also brought a scrapbook that I had made of Matt's and my relationship thus far for people to look at.

And of course our photographer Tim had to get the obligatory photo of my bouquet with the sonic screw driver.

Perhaps the coolest part of our reception was the photo booth we hired.  People had hours of fun with this one.  Soooo cool!  I highly recommend it.

And yes, they are actually recording you getting ready between each photo.  And yes, some of them were really funny.  And no, we didn't know that those were being recorded.  This isn't one of the more hilarious ones, but I didn't want to embarass anyone too much.  :)

Our first dance was to the song "I've never been in love before" from Guys and Dolls, because I'm also a theater geek and Matt was in Guys and Dolls in high school.  Our friend Lindsey helped us choreograph a little so we didn't look extremely uncoordinated.

Matt's friend Justin who loaned him the sonic screw driver showed up in full David Tennant gear so the two of them went outside during the dancing and took some Dr. Who pictures.  Pretty phenomenal.

And then to geek out even further we went and recreated the famous cover of Battlestar Galactica with our wedding party.

I also want to comment on my shoes.  I have loved the movie Father of the Bride since I was a kid.  I swore at my wedding that I would have wedding sneakers.  And I did.  One of our friends, Kat, was also wearing sneakers for the reception so we took the opportunity to get a sneaker foot picture.

Matt's other big request was that he didn't want the wedding to end when the reception was over.  Luckily our venue offered a bonfire option.  So that's what we did.  Everyone changed into comfy clothes and went out back for a bonfire where there was a keg, vanilla vodka soaked gummy bears and lots of light sabre fighting going on.
I made all these paper luminaries to lead out to the fire.  You can watch our hi-light video at the link below.  Our wonderful friend Andrew took video for us all throughout the day and then Matt and I edited it together.

Vicky and Matt's Wedding Preview Video