Sunday, May 12, 2013

Happy Mother's Day 2013

By Vicky Nardone

Happy Mother's Day to all you mothers out there!  I am not a mother to any human children yet, but I do have two little dogs and a kitty to call my own.  My dog Piper left me a pile of poop in the corner today - not sure if that can really be called a Mother's Day present?

Anyway, for Mother's Day my husband and I did lunch with my mom.  She wanted to have lobster at our place and she insisted on bringing them over herself.  I made sides to go with them - garlicky green beans and golden potatoes.  For dessert we had mint chocolate fudge cups which I will be sharing the recipe for with you later this week.

Onto the presents!  If you're a regular reader, you know that I've been trying to learn to sew lately.  I've made two purses and a pair of pajama pants.  The pouch pictured below though is my first thing that I really feel that I made well and that I'm happy with.  I made my mother and my mother-in-law each a pouch.  I was so proud of myself - I learned how to put a zipper in and how to use interfacing by making this pouch.  I actually made it by watching a video tutorial on  I really love that site!  I am in no way affiliated with them, but I highly recommend you check out the tutorials.  Some of them are paid classes but the Bag Making Tutorial by Kristen Link that I learned to make this zipper pouch on was totally free!  They've got about 15 or 20 free classes and several paid ones, but they do have sales on the classes from time to time.

I also made each of our moms a card to go with their pouch.  Here's the one I made Matt's mom:

And here's the one I made my mom:

I have to admit that the mint chocolate fudge cups that I made for dessert weren't completely just for my mom.  I've been doing kraft services (basically catering) for a film that Matt's been working on this weekend.  I made breakfast, lunch and dinner for a group of 12-15 people yesterday and I'm making dinner for them tonight.  Tonight's dessert are the mint chocolate fudge cups along with some homemade mac and cheese for dinner.  I had some left over frosting for the mint chocolate fudge cups and the frosting for them is similar consistency to chocolate fudge and I came up with a brilliant idea of what to do with it while I was in the shower this morning.  All the best ideas come to me in the shower!  I put it in a cute little mason jar with a ribbon and added it to my mom's mother's day gift as ice cream topping.  It has a wonderful minty flavor to it.

Anyway, hope you're having a wonderful mother's day!  If you're looking for a funny read, check out Lisa Newlin's post Happy Mother's Day to the Animal Moms too!  It was really funny and a little bit sad at the same time because as an animal mom I find myself doing a lot of the same things she mentions in this article.

Also, check out this facebook hop I'm participating in this week.  Good chance to get more likes on your blog facebook page.

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