Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Rehearsal Dinner Scrapbook Page

By Vicky Nardone

I can't believe our one year anniversary is only 9 days away!!!  Planning the wedding was so much a part of my life last year at this time.  The wedding was so wonderful that after it was over, talking about it with Matt and our friends and just reliving the memories of the day kept me from feeling sad that everything was over, but now I kind of want to plan another one.  Lol, I don't think my parents (who were very generous with paying for the wedding) are that eager to do it again though!

Anyway, I've really been in the scrapbooking groove lately and this was another page I got done last weekend.  I'm really excited about this one - I think it may be my favorite one yet!  I love all the different colors and l was so excited to get to use the other set of washi tape that I bought.  I got the striped paper set at a different time than the set of washi tapes that I used on this page but they went perfectly together!

Matt's parents hosted the rehearsal dinner at their house the night before the wedding.  They have a gorgeous house in the Lake George/Saratoga area of New York that they built themselves with the perfect patio for hosing everyone.  Matt's mom is a great cook too - they had the main dishes catered but his mom made a bunch of delicious salads to go with it.  She also got us a cake with one of our engagement photos on it which was really cool.  My friend Lindsey's mom made me a rehearsal bouquet with all the ribbons and bows from my shower.  It was so cool - I saved it and it's in my craft room now.

For our party gifts, we got all the guys grilling kits and I made all the girls flannel blankets and put them in tote bags I had ordered for them with their first initial on them.  Matt's parents set up chairs in their backyard just like the lodge was going to be arranged the next day so we could do a real rehearsal.  We had a lot of fun!  Matt and his best man Andy even set up the sound system that we were going to be using the next day (we borrowed one from a friend and asked another friend to DJ for us).  Speaking of setting up the sound system, that's what Matt was doing on the wedding day while I was getting ready.  We had the one friend doing our DJing for us and then another friend was taking video throughout the day so Matt spent the morning/early afternoon at the venue setting up DJ equipment and cameras.  The crazy guy set up a three camera shoot for our wedding like it was some kind of movie set.  It was probably a good distraction though because he said it kept him calm and not too nervous about the ceremony.

One of my favorite parts of the page is this cute rehearsal dinner title I found at Micheals.  I love that it's so glittery and it fits perfectly with the below glittery stickers I got from the scrapbooking convention.

We used the sound system mike to give our thank you gifts out to our parties.  Here's Matt getting ready to do his.  I love this picture of him.  He said he was a little nervous talking in front of people.  Not me - I loved the whole center of attention thing.  I used to act when I was younger so I don't get too nervous speaking in front of people usually as long as it's not a subject I'm unfamiliar with.

All in all it was a very fun night and a very fun wedding.  How about all of you other married people?  Was your rehearsal dinner a fun night?

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