Saturday, September 28, 2013

More Animal Cards

By Vicky Nardone

About a month or so ago I posted this giraffe birthday card that I made for my friend Bryan's birthday.  I got into the animal theme so I made two more animal birthday cards for my friends' Chris and Katie's birthdays.

Katie's birthday was actually the day before Bryan's and I made the card the same day as Bryan's but it took me forever to mail it out.  Bryan had a small birthday celebration at one of our local bars so I didn't have to mail his, hence why I was able to post it sooner.  Katie has two kitties so I thought this one would be perfect for her.

I've recently gotten into the whole stamping thing so I used this letter set I had bought a while ago to stamp her initials on the envelope (which I didn't end up using since I mailed it instead of giving it to her in person!).

Chris's birthday is actually four days before mine.  In past years we have done a double celebration of our birthdays.  I think we may actually have been born in the same hospital.  For Chris I made this cute little raccoon card.  I am loving this polka dot paper I found at Michaels a while ago.  It has all different colors.  I used all of them in my rehearsal dinner scrapbook page.

I made an envelope for Chris too that never got used since I sent his card in the mail too.

Since I'm talking so much about birthdays, I thought I'd share a picture from my birthday.  My mom got me a new camera lens for my Canon.  Matt was showing me how it worked and he took a really cute picture of me with Piper.

Have a good Saturday everyone!