Saturday, March 23, 2013

New Purse Made with New Sewing Machine

By Vicky Nardone
So I decided to try something new.  I've been really impressed with the sewn projects that I've been seeing on other people's blogs and I really wanted to learn how to make a purse similar to the one that I got at a craft fair over the summer.

I was so excited when I found a pattern that I loved for only $3 at Joanns.  I started off using this old 1950s sewing machine that I inherited from my grandma.  That worked for about half an evening and then then the machine which probably hasn't been used in 10 years started giving me trouble.  I decided after looking a new sewing machines and seeing how many more attachments and features they had over my current one that it was worth the invesment.

I ordered a Singer machine off Amazon and go free two day shipping so it arrived yesterday.  So exciting!!

I was a little surprised that they didn't put it in another box or anything.  Thank goodness Matt was working from home yesterday - I wouldn't want it to have sat outside all day.

With the help of the quick start guide I got it up and running in an hour or so and was able to get back to work on my purse.

It's definitely a little messy but for a first attempt I'm happy with it.  I started remembering little tips and tricks from when my grandma taught me to sew when I was younger.  I'm sure I will learn little tips and tricks along the way.  I'm going to try making the bigger version of this purse that was included with the pattern.