Saturday, March 2, 2013

Monkeying (and puppying) around

By Vicky Nardone

My little cousin CC's birthday party is tomorrow.  She's turning 6!  I remember going over to my cousin Caron's house when CC was first born and she was sooo tiny.  She's grown into quite the cute little girl from being quite the cute little baby.  She and my other cousin Jilly were the flower girls in my wedding over the summer.
CC is the one with the brown hair and Jilly has blond hair.  The wore little replicas of my dress.

Anyway, I just had to make her a card for her birthday.  I wanted to do something with a princess theme but I couldn't find any images I really liked so instead I went with a little monkey I found on the Create A Critter cartridge.

I started with a 5.5 x 8 inch card and cut out a pretty pink paper at 4.5 x 7 inches to go on it.  I attached it to the background using my AVG gun.
I cut out a couple of things from Create A Critter to go on it.  The monkey is cut out at 2.5 inches.  Hip hip hooray was was cut at 1.5 inches.  The vine was cut at 2.75 inches.
I attached everything to the background and I also put pink dots around the edge at every half inch.  I decided some glitter was necessary to dress it up a little so I added some around the letters and on the vine.  I also added green glitter dots in between the pink gel pen dots for the border.
To finish it off I added a similar border to the side of the envelope.
I'm actually surprised I had the time to make this card today - we added a new puppy to our family this morning.  We decided we are calling her Piper.
Piper is a rescue from the City of Buffalo Animal Shelter.  She just got spayed on Thursday so she has been pretty tired since we got her this morning.  Her new sis Maggie desperately wants to play with her, but Piper is not quite ready for that yet.  We had a little bit of an incident with Piper and the cat when the kitty came down for dinner.  I think Piper might need a few good smacks from the kitty on the nose before she learns her place, but they will all be ok together.  I think we may try to let Piper sleep with us in the bed tonight so it's going to be interesting to see if any of us get any sleep.