Monday, June 9, 2014

Maggie The Dog Page - Memory Mondays #7

By Vicky Nardone

Today's Memory Monday page is dedicated to my dog Maggie.  Matt and I got Maggie a few months after moving into our house.  Matt had grown up having dogs and I really hadn't (we had a dog when I was really young but I don't really have many memories of him).  We had talked about getting a dog pretty early on in our relationship but Matt wanted to wait until we had a nice backyard for the dog to run around in.  Our backyard at our house is completely fenced in so it gives Maggie lots of exercise.

We moved into our current house November 10th of 2010.  We had wanted to host Thanksgiving for our families in the new house, so the couple weeks between when the house became ours and Thanksgiving we were so busy setting up the house and making sure it was ready to host a houseful of people on Thanksgiving.  We not only were having our family over but we also planned to host a Friendsgiving after the family left on Thanksgiving night.

The Saturday after Thanksgiving when we finally had a chance to take a breather, Matt decided he had waited long enough (two full weeks!) and it was time to get a dog.  He had had a dream the night before about getting a dog.  So off to the SPCA we went.  We looked at their website that morning and saw a cute little dog that we were interested in meeting.  The SPCA was soooo crowded that day.  Apparently everyone decided to get a dog the Saturday after Thanksgiving.  The dog we had seen online was not there, but we found Maggie and thought she was the cutest dog we'd ever seen.  We found out that she had been adopted and brought back 3 times already!  She is a jack russell/beagle mix so she is a little bit hyper and apparently her other owners weren't prepared for the challenge.  You have to get a visitors card at our SPCA before you're allowed to take any dogs out to meet and greet and with how crowded it was that day, we didn't get our visitors card until about 10 minutes before the SPCA stopped the meet and greets.  We took Maggie out right away and after about 10 minutes we had made the decision to take her home.  And we've never regretted it!

I love having a dog.  I had grown up with cats and I still love cats but there's just a whole different level of unconditional love you get from a dog.  We have since gotten a second dog, Lucy who is a dalmation/beagle mix as a companion for Maggie.  Maggie is the biggest cuddler ever but she also loves to be active and play with her sister.  The pictures above capture all the different sleeping shots we took with Maggie in the months after we got her.  Maggie is almost five now and she's calmed down a bit from her crazy puppy years and I think that's just endeared me to her even more.

When she gets crazy though, we have a trick that we use to calm her down.  You can see her wearing her pajamas in one of the shots in my page.  Her pajamas are like an instant tranquilizer for her.  Now if we could only find what calms her sister Lucy down!

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