Monday, June 16, 2014

On The Town - Memory Mondays #8

By Vicky Nardone

When Matt and I first started dating, he was very excited for me to meet his sister Andrea.  She still lived at home back in South Glens Falls with his parents but she was thinking of going to college near us at Fredonia.  So one weekend, shortly after I had moved into Matt's house, Andrea came to visit us for the weekend.  While she was here, she wanted to experience a little bit of the Buffalo nightlife.  Matt and I are not big into the club scene - in fact I think this might be the one and only night we have ever been to a club together.  But Matt's friend Andy knows all the best places to go out in Buffalo.

Andrea is a whiz at hair and makeup and I am definitely not so Matt convinced her that she should do my hair and make up for the evening.  It was definitely the first time my hair had ever seen a straightener.  I had also never before used an eyelash curler.  Now, thanks to Andrea teaching me how to use them, I own both but I can still never get my hair and makeup to come out quite as well as Andrea did them.  She did my makeup on my wedding day as well.  Matt definitely approved of the way that she fixed me up and out the four of us went!

I can't even remember the club we went to anymore but we did have a really good time.  They played one of Matt's favorite songs and I even got him to dance a little bit with me.  The picture on the bottom left of the page is one that the clubs photographer took that we later found on their facebook page.

I wanted this page to be a little sparkly because we definitely had a bit of glitzy night so I used the glitter paper I had to cut out the letters and I used some glitter ribbon around the pictures.  Since the color from the pictures was pretty neutral for the most part, I drew my inspiration from the colors in Andrea's top.

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