Monday, July 7, 2014

Wedding Momento Frame - Memory Monday #11

By Vicky Nardone

My dad and got married to his long time partner Louie on the Fifth of July in Chicago.  Instead of gifts, they asked people to donate to a couple of their favorite charities but I still wanted to make them something to remember their special day.  I settled on the idea of a wedding momento frame.  I knew that I would never find an overlay with holes cut out in the exact sizes I wanted to I used a piece of cardstock and measured all my items and painstakingly cut holes in the cardstock where I wanted to place the items.  It took a while!  Once I had measured out the sizes of my items, I actually used Illustrator to make paper patterns which I then cut out and laid on the frame and then used an exacto knife to cut around the patterns.

The first item that I wanted to include was their invitation.  Simple but elegant.

They had save the date magnets made for their wedding.  Matt has this thing about not putting magnets on the front of our fridge because he thinks they're going to run the finish on the front of our black (plastic) fridge.  They're magnets for goodness sakes!  I convinced him to let me stick this one on the front but I kept finding it moved to the side of the fridge when I wasn't looking.  The other two pictures were actually taken at my wedding last year in the photobooth we had.

This tux was actually part of a sticker set that I had bought for my wedding album but I didn't end up needing it for the groom page and I thought it would make a great addition to the frame.  One of my dad's wedding colors was celery so I chose a green background paper.

Last but not least, when I was browsing pinterest for ideas I kept seeing maps with peoples wedding and reception locations marked out on them.  I used google maps to look up the address for their wedding and reception, set markers, printed out the map and stuck some heart stickers over the locations.

My cardstock for the overlay was slightly smaller than the frame so after I had all the photos in place, I went around the outside of the cardstock with black and white striped washi tape and the fit was perfect!  Definitely a fun little gift to give your friends or family that are getting married.