Sunday, April 14, 2013

Crazy Weekend

By Vicky Nardone

This has been a crazy awesome weekend!  I hardly every stay up this late but for this weekend I ended up going to bed at 3am on both Friday and Saturday night. 

On Friday night I made my first ever wearable sewing pattern by myself.  I made a pair of pajama pants.  Look for my post coming soon on "How not to make pajama pants."  Lol, it was definitely a learning experiment.  They are wearable but I think my second attempt is going to be much better. What a party right- staying up till 3am on a Friday night sewing a pair of pajama pants?

On Saturday morning, I found a great thank you note in my e-mail box from Deb, the winner of the fleece-lined knitted hat I gave away.  I hope she doesn't mind if I share it.

Hi Vicky,
The knitted hat was received with oohs and aahs! Thank you so much….it’s beautiful….especially being lined!!! You did an excellent job, and I will treasure it!

Thanks again,

That giveaway was the first one I did on my site.  I didn't have very many entrants but it was still a positive experience and I will definitely be doing it again in the future.  If you haven't checked out Deb's blog Mountain Musings stop by and have a read.

Also on Saturday morning Matt took me a long to a table read for a script he's going to be director of photography a mansion!  The parents of the guy who wrote it have a mansion in my home town of East Aurora and the writer and his girlfriend were housesitting while they were out of town.  It is from the 1800s and they have all this cool historical decor in the house.  Its also supposed to be haunted.  We got the full tour and it was awesome.

The writer's girlfriend also works at Sephora in their education and training department and let us try out a new product - their Urban Decay 24/7 Glide-On Eye Pencil.  It's probably one of the nicest eye makeup pencils I've every had.  It goes on really easily and lasts all day!

Loving the colors she picked to use on me too!

Today, we are enjoying a nice lazy Sunday morning...
Some of us more than others.

We have a nice day of carpet cleaning (shoot me now) and dinner with a friend (still have to figure out what to make) planned.

How was your weekend?