Monday, April 29, 2013

Mod Podge Photo Tray

By Victoria Nardone

My last post was about the card that I had made for my friend Tricia's wedding shower.  Today I wanted to share with you the gift I made to go with it.

Tricia's dad's side of the family is very Irish and proud of their Irish heritage so I wanted to try and incorporate that into the gift I made for her.  I knew I wanted to do some mod podge because I've been obsessed with it since I found it.  Check out my mod podge wedding photo plaque and my mod podge photo box if you haven't seen them.  I also have been hearing a lot about washi tape lately so I wanted to try and work that in especially since the shamrock scrapbook paper I found wasn't big enough to cover the whole tray.

My mom and I went shopping for the main gift we planned on getting Tricia last weekend and I mentioned to her that I wanted to try and make Tricia something a little more personalized as well so after Bed, Bath and Beyond we hit Michaels to see what we could find.  We found these wooden trays that we thought might be a cute accessory for their home.

Here are the materials I used to put this together.  I used the wooden tray from Michaels, a cute piece of shamrock scrapbook paper, A fun St. Patrick's Day photo I found on their facebook page, mod podge, washi tape and some paint.

I started by painting the outside and bottom green.  I did the edges in a lighter shade of green.

I thought I had another picture from earlier in the process but I can't find anything.  After I had gotten the outside painted, I mod podged the shamrock paper to the bottom.  Once that dried, I mod podged their photo to it.  I originally planned on only using the washi tape on the side, but the picture was a little crooked and so I added the border with washi tape to even it out.

The finishing touch was some letters of their intials cut out from the Tie the Knot Cricut Cartridge.  Tie the Knot has a great monogram font on it.

Tricia got a lot of great stuff at her shower.  Here she is opening the tray.  She seemed to like it.

She got a couple great handmade gifts.  One of her aunts made her a satchel out of her grandmother's wedding dress and someone else made her this awesome sign with the date they met, the date he proposed and the date they're getting married on it.  Here's a picture of Trish and I together at the shower.  I always feel so much taller than everyone.  I'm 5'7 and I hardly have any other girl friends who are.

Tricia's fiancee, Dan, was so cute.  He brought flowers for her and both of their moms when he showed up to the shower.  Tricia said no one even had to tell Dan either.  It's funny because when Matt showed up at my shower the first thing he said to me is "Lindsey told me I was supposed to bring flowers and I forgot."  Oh boys!  He's cute anyway, so I kept him around.  ;)

Last night was the bachelorette party.  I went and had dinner with them, but I had a headache and I had to get up this morning for a film shoot with Matt so I didn't end up going bar hopping with them afterwards.  Dinner was really fun though and I'm looking forward to Tricia's wedding!