Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Valentine's Day Puppy

By Vicky Nardone

Valentine's Day is less than two weeks away and Matt is filming a music video tonight so I thought it would be the perfect opportunity to make his Valentine's day card.

I wanted to make him a puppy shaped card but I didn't have anything on any of my cricut cartridges for a puppy card so I had to improvise a little bit.  I scoured my cartridges until I found a shape that I thought could work.  The base of the card is actually a pumpkin card from the Mini Monsters Cartridge.  I think it worked out fairly nicely although the puppy does have a weird sort of mohawk type thing going on on top of his head.  Oh well - we've noticed that our dog Maggie gets a mohawk on her back and neck when she starts barking at something she sees outdoors.  It's so funny - her hair stands up on end.

I still have to make an envelope for this card. Since it's kind of a funky shape, I don't think it's going to fit into a regular envelope.  I'm going to take the opportunity to learn how to make envelopes with my Martha Stewart scoring tool that I got for Christmas.  I haven't used it yet but it looked kind of cool when I watched some videos on Amazon about it so I'm hoping it will prove to be useful.

So here's how I made the card.  I cut out the pumpkin card shape from Mini Monsters in red at 5 inches.  The rest of the shapes on the outside are from the George And Basic Shapes Cricut Cartridge.  I cut out an oval at 4 inches and then cut it in half for the ears.  I cut out a heart at 1.5 inches.  I cut out two white circles at 1 inch and two black circles at .75 inches.  Lastly, I cut out the rounded square shape for the nose at 1.25 inches.
Once the card was cut out I traced around the outside ignoring the hair to make a circle on pink paper and cut it out.  I ran it through my cuttlebug (Cricut's embossing machine) with a hearts envelope to give it a textured background.
I then glued the pink circle onto the front of the card and added all the shapes.  As you'll see in the top picture, I used pink glitter glue to give him a mouth.
I wanted to jazz up the inside as well so I cut out the phrase "Puppy Love" from my Sweethearts Cricut cartridge at 2 inches and a puppy shape at 1.5 inches.  I decorated the puppy cutout with some gel pens.

All in all I'm pretty happy how this came out and I think Matt will think it's cute.