Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Easter Gifties

By Vicky Nardone

Matt and I are so lucky - we got two wonderful Easter gifts in the mail from our parents today!!  I should include that our puppies are lucky dogs too because the gift from Matt's parents had a lot of stuff for them.
 This was the doggie gift basket that we got for them.  There was a bin for all their toys that fits in perfectly with our living room color scheme, two bones, some dentastix (that smell like bacon), some veggie treats (Matt's a vegetarian - cute!), some tennis balls and a rope for them to play with together.

They were very appreciative.  Here they are enjoying the dentastix:
And as you can see from the picture at the top, Maggie loves her tennis balls.  Matt was making Piper sit for the treat.  Maggie's gotten better about it, but both of them give us a hard time about sitting for their treats if we don't do it over the carpeting.

The puppy parents got a nice gift too -  a gift certificate to one of our favorite eating places - Olive Garden.  Thanks Mom and Dad Nardone!!  All of the gifts were very much appreciated.

The second surprise today was a gift from my dads.  They sent us cookies from this place called Cheryl's that apparently had been recommended to them.

They came in a really cute colorful Easter tin and there were all different shapes and varieties of cookies.  My dad face-timed me when I called to let him know we got the cookies and I had one  when we were on the phone - lemon coconut.  Delicious!  They are nice and soft which is good - I don't like crunchy cookies.  He said that the frosting on the cutouts is supposed to be really good so I'll have to try one of those next.  Thank you dad!!

We are really lucky to have such wonderful family that send us such thoughtful gifts.  I wish we lived a little closer so we got to see them more often but luckily with today's technology it's not too hard to stay in touch.

Has anyone else gotten any cool early Easter gifts yet?