Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Enchanted Inc.

By Vicky Nardone

So I was looking through some other people's blogs today and I came across Tessa's blog Tessacotton.  She has set a goal for herself of trying to read one book a week this year.  I think that's such a cool idea and I read a couple of the reviews she wrote of the books she's been reading and they look really interesting!  Anyway, I hope she doesn't mind that I borrowed her idea but I thought it might be fun to review the things that I've been reading once in a while.

Usually when I read for fun, I like light romance type novels and love the ones that venture into the world of magic.  Life is too serious sometimes and I love the chance to get away from the real world and have a happy ending.

Today, I want to talk about a book I read by Shanna Swendson called Much Ado About Magic.  This is book 5 in what is currently a 6 book series but I'm pretty sure she'll write more.  I'm excited to start the next one.  For those of you who prefer to start from the beginning (and I'm one of you) the books in order are Enchanted Inc., Once Upon Stilettos, Damsel Under Distress, Much Ado about Magic, and No Quest for the Wicked.

The book series follows the adventures of Katie Chandler - a southern girl from a small town in Texas who decides to move to New York City and starts to notice some very strange things.  She finds out that magic is real and she has the rare trait of being "immune" to magic.  While she has no ability to perform magic herself, she is also unaffected by people trying to use magic on her.  She gets hired by a magical company to do "Verification" (making sure that people who have the ability to perform magic haven't magically altered contracts with the company) but ends up getting pulled into a magical battle between good and evil and of course finding love along the way.

Much Ado about Magic was definitely not a disappointment!  Shanna comes up with new fresh angles to explore in every book.  All the books are tied together with an underlying storyline but each one has it's own separate adventure that is usually nicely tied up at the end of the book.  This one is no exception.  She came up with a very interesting twist at the end of the book and I'm really curious to see what she'll do with it in No Quest for the Wicked.  My mom was also reading the book at the same time I was (we share an Amazon kindle account) and she commented that parts of the book had shades of Harry Potter, which I love, so I'm not surprised that I liked it.  To try and give a summary without going into too much detail so as not to ruin previous books for those of you who have not read the series, a new, more dangerous enemy than Kate has encountered in previous books emerges and it is up to Kate to prove that he's not the charmer he seems to be.  Kate's boyfriend also discovers more about his mysterious past and it put right into the middle of the chaos caused by this new nemesis.

I highly recommend this as a fun, relaxing read and I will be reading any new books Shanna writes for this series.